What is the study about?

The overall purpose of this research is to explore how people who have psychological disorders differ from people without those disorders. In addition, we are searching for participants with particular characteristics, so we can invite them to take part in other studies.

Is this study for payment? How much time does it take?

Yes. The amount of time required for your participation will be four hours or less for most participants and you will receive $40 for your time. If you attend the interview only, you will receive $10. If you attend a follow-up session and return the self-report packet, you will receive $40.

Can I get research credit for this study?

Sorry! We cannot offer research credit.

How much time does it take?

The amount of time required for your participation will be four hours or less for most participants.

Who can participate?

There are three types of people who may be able to participate:

Participants who have been contacted directly by us can participate. These participants have completed a screening measure as a part of previous research.
Participants who have been told they may have social phobia or social anxiety disorder may be eligible to participate.
Participants who are confident in most social situations may be eligible to participate.

I would like to participate, but I haven’t been contacted, and no one has invited me to participate. Can I participate?

You may be able to participate if:

You have been told you may have social phobia or social anxiety disorder, or
You are confident in most social situations.

What is the diagnostic interview about?

The diagnostic interview assesses for a wide variety of psychological disorders. It is similar to the type of interview that many researchers and treatment providers would use to determine whether people have psychological disorders.

What are these questionnaires about?

Some of the questionnaires are ones that assess a variety of common experiences, such as personality characteristics and common types of distress. Other questionnaires focus on the quality of your life and interpersonal relationships.

Are there risks to this study?

Yes. Some participants may experience transient distress during the diagnostic interview because of questions about psychological symptoms. Mild boredom or fatigue is a more common response to this aspect of the study. Similarly, completing self report forms may lead to mild distress, boredom, or fatigue. Participants will receive feedback about their diagnostic status. Occasionally, these results may be surprising or distressing. However, these types of responses are rare, and the interviewer is trained to help you deal with any distress you feel. Finally, the diagnostic interview will be audio or video recorded. The purpose of this recording is to ensure the interview is performed reliably. Until the recording is destroyed, there is a minimal risk of your identity being revealed. Similarly, as long as you allow us to retain your contact information, there is a minimal risk of your identity being revealed. We will do everything we can to avoid such breeches of confidentiality (please see below).

What will you do to minimize the risks?

You can end the study at any time, and the interviewer will be trained to help you if you experience distress. We will do everything we can to protect your privacy. The information you provide will be identified by an assigned participant identification number only. Your contact information will be listed under a separate number. Only the principal investigator and his graduate research assistants will be able to connect your participant number to your contact information. Audio and video recordings associated with this study will be kept in a locked cabinet in a locked laboratory and labeled only with your participant number.

Are there benefits to participating in this study?

Yes, there are several benefits to you inherent in this research. If you complete the diagnostic interview, which assesses a variety of psychological disorders, we will provide you with a report about any disorders you meet criteria for. If you request it, we will provide this report to your health care providers. We will also provide all participants, whether they complete the study or not, a list of mental health resources in the community. If you complete the diagnostic assessment, we will be able to highlight the resources that may be of particular interest given your diagnoses (if any). Finally, participating in this study may qualify you for other research opportunities offered through this laboratory.

Where can I find out the results of the study?

The study will not be complete until at least August of 2012. At that time, you can come back to this site and find a description of the major results or further information about when those results might be available.

For any additional questions, please call us at 314-935-8627.